A pH neutral and certified organic soil conditioner.

A premium grade lawn and garden horticultural gypsum.
loosens clay and compacted soils promoting healthy root growth.
Improves aeration and drainage.
pH neutral.
A natural, non toxic environmentally safe mineral that is not harmful to people or animals.

Available in 10kg & 25kg bags.

How To Use
To improve structure of clay soils, apply 1-3kg per square metre.
As a fertiliser apply 0.5kg around shrubs and roses etc.
For vegetable gardens apply 0.5-1kg per square metre.

For best results dig or scarify in with compost and then soak with water. Gypsum can also be surface spread, soaked in by rainfall or irrigation.

Gypsum is non toxic and environmentally safe. The fine Gypsum particles can, however, irritate lungs and eyes, therefore use of a safety mask and eye protection, such as goggles, is recommended when handling Gypsum.

Store away from children & pets.
Eye contact: flush thoroughly with water to remove particles.
Inhalation: remove to fresh air.
Ingestion: Call a doctor if discomfort occurs.