Welcome to Riverside Products

Welcome to Riverside Products, suppliers of garden fertilisers. We supply a wide range of fertilisers, both organic & inorganic, to keep your plants healthy and to promote growth. Whether you are growing trees and shrubs, fruit and vegetables or creating the perfect flower garden, our product range will give you that helping hand.

Riverside Products packages home garden fertilisers in 400-900 gram mini packs, 4kg handy packs & 10kg garden packs.

For commercial growers we can supply and deliver our fertiliser products in either one tonne bulk bags or in larger bulk quantities.

Our bagged products are available from all good garden centres in the Auckland & Waikato regions.

Ask for us by name.

Nitrophoska Blue T.E.

Nitrophoska Blue T.E..

An excellent fertiliser supplying all the necessary ... Click here for details