Epsom Salts

Sulphate of Magnesium
Ideal for citrus and fruit trees.
Remedies yellowing leaves.

A fertiliser that remedies yellowing leaves caused by magnesium deficiency.
Esential for citrus and other fruit trees as it increases plant vigour and adds to the yield of fruiting plants.

Available in 800gram handipack.(Makes 25 litres)& 4kg bag.

How To Use
Apply 3 tablespoons (45grams)of Epsom Salts to the soil around each plant. Keep off foliage.
As a liquid fertiliser mix 2 tablespoons (30grams) per 1 litre of water. Do not foliar feed.
For citrus and other fruit trees apply 2 tablespoons per metre of tree hight to surrounding soil in Autumn and twice in Spring.
Not For Human Consumption.

Store away from children & pets.
If consumed take water to dilute. Do Not induce vomiting.
Seek medical attention immediately.
Avoid contact with eyes when using.

Epsom Salts