Garden Lime

An excellent organic soil conditioner that unlocks plant nutrients in the soil and improves soil structure

Riverside's Garden Lime is an essential soil conditioner that raises the pH and sweetens the soil so plants can grow to their optimum. It speeds up the breaking down of organic plant foods and compost and helps release locked nutrients in the soil.

Note: Keep away from acid soil loving plants such as Camellias, Azaleas, Magnolia, Rhododendrons, Daphne, blue Hydrangeas, Erica & Gardenias

Available in 5kg bags and 10kg bags.

How To Use
Apply 1/2 cup (200grams)to 1 cup (400grams) Riverside Garden Lime per square metre for light sandy loam through to heavy clay loam.
Apply in Autumn & again in early Spring.
Apply before soil is dug or hoe through later.
For heavier applications it is recommended to make two or more lighter applications.
Spread 1 cup (400grams) per square metre over top layer of compost every four months.

Store away from children & pets.
If consumed take water to dilute. Do Not induce vomiting.
Seek medical attention immediately.
Avoid contact with eyes when using.

Garden Lime